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The Eric Story Part 1 - The Beginning

The club started as a group of friends who used to (most still do, albeit a little older and wiser!!) hang out together helping each other with customizing their cars and attending various shows and generally having a great fun time.

Each year we would all make the pilgrimage to attend the “main event” which was the Street Rod Nationals (NASC).  It was subsequently found that big savings could be made if you were an official club (e.g. register with the NASC with a members list) to get into the Nationals a lot cheaper allowing more money for the Beer fund!  we created a club for all our mates which is really how it all started with various names being used until it came to ”ERIC”.  Coincidently it was the time of Monty Python and the Holy Grail , life of Brian etc. and everything was “ERIC” sayings (that dates us!!!),  which is how the name came about.  The art work was based around one of our favorite carburettor company’s.  Over the years,  it has had many acronyms applied “Essex Racing Is Cool” to “Essex Region Independent Classics”, but in reality it has no meaning what so ever! Or it can mean whatever you like.  

Membership is and always has been,  by invitation only.
      Keith Child (Roadster)
        Part 2 to follow

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