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Friday May 4th: Communication System tested, secret corespondent online.

<ED> This is the blog from our under cover agent in the convoy which is on its way to The Monaco Classic GP.

5th May
06:47 That'll be the happy (wet) band of travelers at dover then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
09:29 Nous arrived sur le continent <and so the adventure begins>
21:39 A wet drive to the Champagne region, everyone arriving safe and sound and full of Bon Ami.
6th May
15:27 A visit to the Tattinger Caves included everyone except 4 Porsche Drivers. Because of our conections we were welcomed with open arms. For lunch we feasted on Mussels.
1829: The days round up. There was a rumour that Big Al had traded in Theresa for a new bird but in fact, she had had her hair cut short. Mike Hawthorn has had a mechanical failure as his REV counter failed whilst reversing out of the garage. Sue Hawthorn may claim the prize for the longest tram ride in the wrong direction. The hotel under ground car park ramp took a beating, exhausts scrapping on the bump at the exit. Also it would seem some people can't tell exhaust rattle from CB ariel tinkle as it drags along the ceiling of the car park.
7th May
13:54 We are parked in a layby on the D396 checking Dave's E Type spark plugs. <it's what French layby's are for>

16:21 Made it to the Water Mill, it's rained here as much as in blighty. Theres a rumour that Mark may go swimming in the pool- strange boy.
8th May
During inspection Dave Rose was awarded the 1st Rosette by Eric Bailey (Chief Scrutineer), for the most spark pugs changed in a French Layby. My spy has at last got the camera working and sent some pictures (but not the one of Big Al in a sauna) they are displayed here. Dinner was held at a fab Chateau, the food was good except the Richardsons stole some ones veal testes, it was a bit of a balls up,
9th May
ERIC's have landed in Millau (near the bridge of the same name) the hotel has rooms with a view of said bridge.
10th May
This morning Ken & Clare joined us for espresso in his Gambala Porsche 911 GT3, then on to the south of France through the wonderfull Masisif Central. fantastic roads and 'Italian Job Style'. Arriving in the Carmon Plage Marina and the hot weather.
11th May
Back on the road bright and early, leaving Carnon at 10am. Several ERIC's have slit from the pack to visit the Bonhams Auction the rest are hurtling down the A8 toward Nice.
18:00 We have arrived in Nice, and are now lazing in the sun, its 30 degrees.
12th May
Arrived at the Monaco Classic Grand Pirx, our view is fantastic.
13th May
Race Day !!!, boy do ERIC's love Sundays, lots of em in the stands at the Monaco Classic for a full day of Racing, Eating & Drinking all to the faint smell of Castrol R, Fantastic
15:15 Now the loud cars are out on track there is a slight drizzle, this should be lively.
Later: dinner with some of the girls.
14th May
Several ERIC factions have split for their return journeys, the Porsches have set off for Grenoble, some have gone to Gorges Verdun, whilst the main group having completed several laps of the GP circuit have enjoyed a fantastic drive along the Cote d'Asure and through the mountain passes into Italy.
18:57 It's been a long hot day but we are all at the hotel for the night. Its rumoured that a repair to an exhaust has been carried out by candle light.
15th May
Today some ERIC's have split from the crowd to go on to Bresica for the Miglia Millia, but we are joined by 2 more, Steve and Bernice in their 911.
12:22 having fought though the the death wish possesed Italian mopeds we are sitting by shore at Lecco. Onward ever onward.
16th May
Lake Como, everyone arrived safe and sound at the furthest point of the trip.
17th May
Today ERIC is mostly crossing Switzerland before it cost to much, a mad dash for France.
There is a report of an incident between a sail board and an Aston, more details to follow.
18th May
Metz.....!!! the question is what is it for..... We came via the Schlumpf Muesum which was nice and in Mulhouse.
The last supper then a mad dash for the port and home by tea time on the 19th.

Check back soon as there will be more pictures posted.
<More to come>

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