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Highly recommended. Lorna was excellent for me. Warm yet challenging and extremely informative providing plenty of material to access outside of sessions i.e worksheets, books and online videos.  I progressed quickly and was able to end therapy earlier than anticipated. Lorna's ability and knowledge regarding narcissistic mothering together with the inner child work we did has equipped me to become stronger and more self-reliant. The process has been invaluable to me.

Lorna encouraged me to be proactive and try out various different things to see what worked rather than sticking to one rigid way of doing things, and she instantly always knew how to keep the sessions on track and keep me focused. It felt great to have someone to both understand and have valuable, powerful guidance to offer. I’ve been let down before in therapy and was reluctant to try again, but I’m glad that I did. Thank you Lorna, you’ve helped me to make a difference in my life.

“When I first contacted Lorna seeking her help I wasn't sure I actually needed the help of a therapist, but I had tried so many other things and nothing else had really helped me to figure out the answers to the questions I had and re-occurring issues I felt I needed to tackle in my life.
She was easy to talk to over Skype and by the end of the first appointment I felt for the first time someone had listened to me, heard what I was saying and actually understood what I was talking about.
Over the following weeks she helped me to open up and talk about current issues I was going through as well as deeper issues I'd buried a long time ago, which lay unresolved and festering inside me. She used an array of different techniques and therapies to help me work through them gradually. She also taught me a range of techniques and therapies so I could help myself day-to-day as I continued through the healing process.
I went from feeling like I was confused and alone in a deep dark hole I couldn't climb out of, to standing at the top of the hole having filled it in, patted the soil firm on top and now building on the solid ground onwards and upward. Lorna threw me the rope ladder to get out of the hole and guided me up each rung, she gave me the spade to fill the hole in, and now she's got me back with my feet on the ground she's working with me to set me on the right track to build the life I've longed for for so long.
Lorna's help and support has led to me coming to terms with and starting to heal from years of narcissistic abuse and I'm now working towards a brighter future of my choosing, feeling in control of my life and free to finally be me. She has explained it's a lifelong healing process and she's equipping me with the skills I need to continue on this path myself.
I have already recommended her to one of my closest friends as I'm so pleased with how she has helped me.”

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