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Welcome to The Big Banana computer help web site.

Here you will find some useful programs and hints with simple links and explanations.
All these links and programs are
FREE and TESTED by me, although they are all full complete programs some do have upgrades to paid versions which offer more.

These are the basic programs needed for a Microsoft Windows computer they are all free to download and use. Pick the ones you want and click the logo to download them to your computer. To stay with the free version the rule is 'update not upgrade'.

Start with Firefox, download it to your desktop, install it then run it. Get used to using it on web sites. You will notice how much faster than IE it is. Now use it to download any of the other programs you need.

The best method is to download the required program to your desktop, install the program by double clicking on the downloaded file. Once it has installed you can delete the downloaded file from your desktop. Pick a section from the buttons at the top of this page and start.

Check out the
LINKS page for some interesting stuff including online magazines, internet speed tests and free eBooks to download.

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